Friday, July 20, 2012

Help Wanted: At the Shoe Store

Ohh...clean up, isle 4.

Ahh yes...shoe shopping. My favorite store, my second favorite footboy. (The hubby is my first!) 

I usually go and pick up a pair of shoes at least once a week. Its my fetish ok? ;) There's this little guy who works there who always waits on me. I love to see the look on his face every week when I come in wearing stockings, toe jewelry, or just different color polish. He looks like a kid in a candy store, all wide eyed and fidgety. 

I know what he thinks about. I can see it in his eager smile, the drool that kinda pools up in the corners of his mouth. His hands tremble as he brings out each new pair. Sometimes I try on a dozen pairs of shoes just because I know it drives him insane. I know what he'd like to do though...

He'd like to pop my shoes off, the ones I've been wearing alllll day long, take a deep breath and inhale my sweet sweaty scent. 
Take a deep breath...perfume and sweat mmmm...

I know he'd like to stuff my stockinged feet in his mouth. Take his tongue and lick between each and every moist nyloned toe. I can imagine him sucking foot with one hand and grabbing his swelling cock with the other. Jerking himself through his pants!
Suck them. Lick them. Choke on them. Cum on yourself.

I can imagine peeling my stockings off and cramming them both in his mouth for him to suck on...while I rip open that zipper holding back his raging boner. 

I imagine sliding my arches around his twitching dick and pumping him dry. 
"Opening" at the shoe store...can you fill it?
Would you like to be my footboy? Start filling out applications at your local shoe never know which one I might show up in....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "Bus" Boy

Got ya by the balls yet?

Ok boys, I got a story for ya. Get those cocks out!!!

Last year I had to go out of town for a business trip. Some lousy conference that just turns into a boring ass sleep fest. My hotel was SEVERAL blocks away from the center, (thanks big spenders) so I had to take a cross town bus early in the mornings and back late in the evenings.

9 hours of conference and an hour bus ride equals boredom on top of boredom And you know what they say about idle hands? Or is it, "idle feet?" ;)

I knew I'd be taking this damned bus daily so I thought I'd try and make a friend or two. I spoke to a woman who just shot me a "don't bother me" glance and closed her eyes pretending I never said a word. "Snooty bitch" I thought.

I saw a friendly looking face and sat down next to this unassuming little guy in a polo shirt and plaid shorts. He looked to be pretty young, but of legal age I've no doubt. Not what I'd call a looker, but his pimply face still had an air of sexy innocence to it. I tried to make chit chat with him but his shyness was glaringly evident.

I had made the mistake of wearing my ill fitting high heels to the conference that day, so I had to kick them off for a breather ASAP! It was then that out of the corner of my eye I noticed this geeky fellow start to shift in his seat nervously for a good 15 or 20 minutes.

I thought "hmmm..."

I dipped my toes back to the floor to pick up my passion red heel for a bit of dangle play. I was gonna see if what I suspected was true...aren't I just nasty? :)

Fill 'em up boys!

Despite the cool evening I noticed the young man sweating. He continued to shift in his seat, when I realized he was trying to cover up a persistent boner which seemed to be trying to rip its way out of his plaid shorts.

By now, about 30 minutes into the ride, I had worked myself up quite a bit knowing I was driving this computer geek looking guy into a frenzy. No more beating around the bush I thought. "I need some fun. I need some relief" I thought.

I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "Ya like feet don't ya?"

I heard him audibly gulp before trying to deny it. His eyes were as big as saucers and his cheeks were glowing red.

"You like these feet?" I pressed on.

"Well uh..." he stammered trying to cover his embarrassment as much as his twitching dick in his pants. "Yeah I sorta do." He finally managed to mutter.

By this time no one was left on the bus but the sleeping snooty assed bitch who ignored me earlier in the seat in front of us. I knew time was short so I decided it was time to finish this, as Mr Shyness next to me couldn't seem to make a move!

"Get your balls out, boy. And show me your cock." My voice slithered the words out like an evil little temptress.

I thought he was going to fall out of his seat trying to unbuckle his belt. He looked panicky and already was panting.

I double checked the snobby looking bitch in front of us to see if she was still asleep. "Check, she's out." I glanced up to the front and saw the bus driver was busy yacking on his phone while trying to navigate traffic. "Yeah, that's safe" I thought. "Back to business..." I whispered.

"Huh?" he said.

"Nothin' stud" I said, sorta mockingly. He was still wrestling to get his balls out of the tight little plaid golfer shorts.

He finally managed to wrestle out what I would call an average sized cock, the tip already glistening with precum.

"This ain't gonna last long" I chuckled to myself.

Shifting in my seat I brought my red polished toes up to his mouth, "Suck it" I panted.

He eagerly took my toes in his mouth, sucking like the little runt puppy on his momma's tits. He slurped so loud I thought he'd wake the bitchy looking bitch in the seat in front of us.

The more aggressively he sucked my toes, the deeper I jammed them into his mouth. Before I knew it, he had half of my right foot in his mouth. He was steadily sucking the day's sweat from my silky toes when I dropped my other spit soaked foot into his lap, my sole grazing the top side of his purple shaft and landing squarely on his swollen nuts.

About that time we passed by 2nd street I knew time was running out if I wanted to milk this little guy's prick dry before time to get off. "get off" haha!

I continued to jam my left foot deep into his gullet, almost up to the heel of my foot, he began to choke.

"Oh shit" I chuckled, "Sorry."

He panted something inaudible back and grabbed my foot for more. He ran his tongue up and down my high arch like a kid with an ice cream cone. I shifted myself in the seat a bit and brought my now spit slimy right foot to the other side of his balls.I squeezed them hard, kneading them between my silky high arches.

He gasped, partly in pain, but mostly in ecstasy. He reached into his "big boy briefs" and started twisting on his cock. After a thorough ball massage I decided I'd help him with his prick! I shifted my feet and wrapped them around his eager cock.

I began to pump him furiously using my "mile high arches" toes curled back. I felt his hips trying to meet my pumping feet but he couldn't keep up. I jerked his dick with my feet like a jackhammer.

The bus, turned the last corner right before my block...only a couple minutes left.

"Alright me what you got." I said with the most evil of smirks.

Grabbing his dick with just my toes I began to choke the life out of his little pecker. My toes still flying up and down his shaft his eyes glazed over as he stared at my jacking feet like someone high on crack!

Even with the furious pumping, I could feel his cock tighten and swell even more as if it were about to literally explode! He arched his hips up, his little ass lifted off the seat.

He was panting so hard drool was bubbling from his quivering lips. "Agghh" he moaned and threw his head back as a wave of orgasm swept over him.

The first shot of thick goo flew like none I'd ever seen before. It had to have flown two feet up or more disappearing in the dimming light of the evening.

His dick fired off shot after shot of jizz spraying the back of the bus seat, jetting off my right foot, splattering on the dirty bus floor and even popping a tiny drop onto the back of the snooty looking woman in front of us.

"Oh my god..." I said with a breathless grin. "Fuck you could put an eye out with that shit."

He couldn't say anything, he just looked at me like he was fighting for every breath, his chest heaving and glistening with little pearls of cum.

About that time I heard the high pitched whine of the bus breaks, "Oh time for me to get off now." I said with a wink.

"Here. Keep these." I huffed handing him my pumps. (I'd had enough of those ill fitting fuckers anyway.) "Fuck yourself silly with those foot bitch." I chuckled looking back at him as I grabbed my briefcase and tip toed down the isle my feet sticky from his slimy jizz and god knows what on the floor.

Just I looked back to wink at him playfully again, and then I noticed where that first rocket of cum had gone. Right there on the still sleeping face of Ms Fancy pants there was a little moist trail running down from her poofy blonde hair, across her forehead, down her nose, and dangling precariously off the bottom lip of her open snoring mouth.

I looked back at her, "You're welcome whore." I patted the wide eyed bus driver on the shoulder and trotted up to my room for a little rest. I was going to be a long week.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Putting my best foot forward...just for you!

Print off. Jack off. Then splatter 'em!

Wow! I'm so excited (in so many ways) to be doing this. Just like in my day to day life, I want to put on a great show for you. Oh yeah, I do like to tease men I work with, socialize with, and strangers anywhere I can. Whether its on a cross town bus with the dangling of my shoe off the tips of my stocking toes or right in the office with popping my foot playfully in and out of my favorite pumps! I love it! I love the power of knowing that I've got a man whimpering inside, aching to suck my toes, or fuck my feet. Knowing all the while that he can't!

I've seen a couple guys at work lose concentration way too often on certain days when I dress up in my favorite skirt, stockings, and heels. Those days, well, they seem to head to the bathroom a little more than usual. Coming out later, looking exhausted, with a barely noticeable drop of wetness on their pants. Sometimes I'll even leave some of my naturally perfumed heels in the office on purpose or toss a pair of hose away casually in my trash can. They always seem to disappear by the next day and my shoes I left behind usually end up feeling kind of sticky on the inside. Mmmm... I love to prop my feet up on the dick...umm I mean desk, at work.

Young, old, big, skinny, tall or short. Nerdy or a jock. Shy and withdrawn or outgoing and oozing with "stud." Black, white, Latino, any and all it doesn't matter to me. I've seen guys of all sorts get hot and bothered, try and cover their throbbing cocks in slacks or blue jeans. I've seen them sweat. Heard a few of them plead! I guess I just get carried away with the teasing sometimes, so it was just a natural progression for me to take my obsession on the web!

So here I am, grab your cocks, and start stroking footboy! Stay tuned b/c I'm going to be posting more pictures and telling some really hot adventures of me and some of my friends (oh yeah, birds of a feather!) As soon as we can, my hubby and I, are going to make additional photo sets available for purchase, some of my soaked panties, dirty socks, and still smelly stockings as soon as possible.

I can't wait to hear from you. Tell me what kind of picture sets interest you...and tell me how baaaad you wanna fuck my feet!!!

 I'm looking forward to fingerfucking myself to the best emails!

More to cum...